A0009 – Parker, Lineman


The class pooled their ideas about a collective portrait, and came up with proposals, three of which were realized: a class photo, a video relay, and a yearbook. In the class photo, the men are pictured stacked in formation on the poles. For the video relay, the men set up a baton with two video cameras strapped to either side, pointing outward. Using the video baton, they carried out a routine drill passing it from pole to pole. Each participant created two portraits at once: one of himself, and the other of his relay partner. When the video was exhibited in May 2009, viewers stood in the place of the baton, passed between classmates, two by two.  The newsprint publication was released in the poleyard in June.  It contains photos and bios of the classmates, in which they reflect on their relationships to their work and to the power system they learned to navigate.