A0018 – Webster, Meetings As Architecture


For Meetings As Architecture (2008), artist Brindalyn Webster attended voluntary gatherings in the San Francisco Bay Area including a police station community meeting, a brainstorming session held by the San Francisco Library’s Teen Advisory Committee, and a meeting of the San Francisco International Socialist Organization. She asked other attendees to imagine what the meeting would look like if it were a physical structure. The answers she received, documented on neon yellow cards along with the meetings’ seating arrangements, range from a beaver dam to a bazaar. A card representing the Teen Advisory Committee elaborates on a student’s choice of structure: “A beaver puts things on in little pieces twigs and leaves. And then takes them off and rearranges them. And the water rushing through the dams are like the events, or time.” Webster’s use of cards implicitly references the precarious structures they can be used to assemble. Their proportions are also reminiscent of entries in the now-outmoded card catalogue, whose long, alphabetized rows were once the preferred mechanism for putting information at the public’s fingertips.