A0023 – Time/Bank, Hour Note


Time/Bank currency is backed solely by the time and labor it represents. A one-hour note equals one hour of work regardless of the work’s value in the dominant economy: whether it is skilled or unskilled, physical or conceptual, taxing or effortless. The system requires the participation of small, local networks, but the project’s reach is global; Time/Bank branches have been established in The Hague, Frankfurt, New York, Sydney, and Warsaw. As part of a project called Time/Food at the 2011 Creative Time Summit and exhibition,notes like this one could be obtained by offering up an hour, and then exchanged for lunch cooked by artists, among them Time/Bank co-founders Anton Vidokle and Julieta Aranda. Lawrence Weiner designed each of the currency’s notes, which exist in denominations of one-half, one, six, twelve, and twenty-four hours. Currency design proposals by other artists can be viewed here.