LFQ1.2 – Futurefarmers, Intervals


Futurefarmers produced this newsprint publication for the collective’s 2011 Intervals exhibition at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. It contains the exhibition’s schedule of dialogues, talks, and actions, which took place in the museum rotunda around a Cobbler’s Bench and Shoemaker’s Atelier, and in the New York City streets. In Ink Gathering sessions, artists and participants traveled to Harlem and Jamaica Bay, collecting soot from windowsills and sidewalks outside of cobblers’ shops. The soot was used to make ink for the Pedestrian Press, an action in which thirty-six shoes, each containing a stamp pad and letter, transformed their wearers into a body-scale printing press. Walking on a roll of paper, participants transcribed Sole/Soul Sermons by Bernadette Mayer, Rebecca Solnit, and Cooley Windsor. These sermons, which are reproduced in the newsprint program, respond to “Simon the Shoemaker,” a text by John Sellars about the fifth-century artisan and student of Socrates. Intervals: Futurefarmers references a long and varied history of artmaking rooted in walking, ranging from works politically charged in their aimlessness to those focused on cultivating a profound awareness of place. It references an even longer history of understanding the world and one another through dialogue and transcription. This poster is included in the first issue of Landfill Quarterly.