Landfill subscriptions concluded in May 2014 with Issue 4: The Shift. Each issue of Landfill included a selection of ephemera and the Landfill journal, which contextualized the objects using images, interviews, and essays.


Issue 4: The Shift

For “The Shift,” Shannon Finnegan, Jessica Gath, Piero Passacantando, and the Lower Mainland Painting Co. contribute works on work, whether manual, clerical, or conceptual.

Issue 3: Species Being

Revolving around animals, “Species Being” includes ephemera from Fritz Haeg, Alicia Escott, Jae Rhim Lee, Amy Keefer, and Miriam Simun.

Issue 2: Ballpark Figures

Issues 1.5 and 2 combine to make “Ballpark Figures,” which contains materials found at the 2011 Creative Time Summit in New York and speculates on the then-burgeoning Occupy movement. Artists include Surasi Kusolwong, Ghana Think Tank, OurGoods, and Megawords.

Issue 1: The Morgue

Issue 1 focuses on newsprint projects, likening ephemeral bodies to corpses and recirculation to revival—or necrophilia. “The Morgue” includes projects from Futurefarmers, Stephanie Syjuco, and Matthew David Rana and Anthony Marcellini.


Semiannually, Landfill redistributes a selection of materials from the archive to subscribers. The subscription service has three aims: to give ephemeral artworks a second venue for reception, to put diverse practices in conversation, and to save the objects from storage (or worse). Through interviews and essays, the journal describes the role the materials played when they were first produced and investigates the lasting concerns raised by the artworks for which they were made. Issues are organized thematically, connecting practices that have divergent motivations, audiences, and locations. Each contains a selection of material ephemera and the Landfill journal.

Become a Part

To collaborate with Landfill on an exhibition or event or to submit your ephemera for documentation or redistribution, e-mail submit@thelandfill.org.